Launch of Analogue’s 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report – Co-creating Higher Quality Built Environments and a More Sustainable Future


Analogue Holdings Limited (stock code: 1977) has launched its 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report recently. The Group announced the progress updates of its four key pillars, including Decarbonising Our Operations, Driving Smart City Development, Co-creating a Sustainable Value Chain and Championing Our People.

The Group aims to enhance its endeavours in embedding sustainability in all aspects of its business and operations, with 2023 performance highlights including: 

Decarbonising Our Operations
  • Aligned the Group’s approach to climate-related management and disclosures with the international climate-related disclosure standards 
  • Formulated SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) carbon reduction targets and strategies to drive decarbonisation journey 
  • Obtained the Provisional Platinum rating under BEAM Plus New Buildings (V2.0) with the Group’s new green headquarters — ATAL TOWER 
  • Launched the first-ever “ATAL Green Month” campaign to raise environmental awareness

Driving Smart City Development
  • Provided ESG-centric Digital Twin solution for smart building management and water and sewage treatment processes 
  • Adopted artificial intelligence to enable automatic detection and diagnosis of faults in building systems 
  • Promoted smart city development through industry exchange initiatives 

Co-creating a Sustainable Value Chain
  • Achieved average scores between “Good” and “Excellent” in customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Organised a series of training workshops on customer relationship management 
  • Over 50% of the Group’s building services projects adopted advanced construction technologies to improve project efficiency and quality
  • Organised the “ATAL Quality, Safety, Environment & Sustainability Forum” to engage the Group’s subcontractors

Championing Our People
  • Became a charter signatory to the “Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Employers” issued by the Equal Opportunities Commission 
  • Approximately 90% of permanent employees received training
  • Since 1984, the Group has fostered 1,100+ Graduate Trainees and Technician Trainees
  • 0 work-related fatalities and very low industrial accident rate at 1.5 per 1,000 employees and subcontractors’ workers 
In order to continuously optimise performance in each of its four pillars, the Group has developed specific action plans and targets, committed to achieving a sustainable future, and making contributions to the wider community and environment.

Sustainability Targets
Visit the website of Analogue Holdings Limited to learn more about the Group’s latest sustainability strategy, targets and progress.