WSP Hosted Three Thematic Seminars to Discuss on Latest Future Ready Insights

As part of WSP Hong Kong’s 45th anniversary celebration, WSP hosted a seminar series with three thematic seminars to dive into prominent trends from multidisciplinary perspectives that will define our future, including net zero, sustainability, ESG, smart infrastructure, and technologies, showcasing WSP’s Future Ready insights and commitment to the industry in innovating our future.

In the first seminar themed ‘What makes a place decarbonised – our approach to net zero’, industry practitioners and experts explored the ways to decarbonise our built environment and shared their insights on the decarbonisation journey with profound knowledge and remarkable success cases. The seminar probed into the government’s effort in developing smart buildings, transport and infrastructure, as well as net-zero challenges and trends around the world such as in the UK and the US, illustrating impressive projects that demonstrated WSP’s unconventional and practical solutions.

Various experts also discussed the importance of ESG and sustainability on the resilience journey, and emphasised on adopting innovative technologies, effective engineering methods, and collaborative building operation to conduce more desired net zero outcomes, achieving build less, build clean and build for the future.

To help shape robust and resilient infrastructure in the city, WSP hosted the second seminar ‘On the road to Future Ready infrastructure’ to exhibit its technical and digital capabilities in planning and designing infrastructure, by examining a diversity of exciting infrastructure projects the company delivered and the innovative technologies it harnesses, from railway network to drainage system.

Experts from cross-discipline highlighted the advantages of leveraging digital tools and Future Ready mindset to plan and design for a wide range of systems and structures that can adapt to people’s needs as well as climate change; and illustrated the significance of digitalisation to create smarter and future-proof existing and new infrastructure.

From enabling technologies to advanced tools that could interpret data and prioritise actions, WSP looked at the approach to a smarter and greener future through digitalising our engineering processes in its final session of the seminar series titled ‘Digital, Smart & Green: Digiteering our future’.

A list of well-versed speakers shared how to combine innovative digital mindset with traditional engineering expertise to ‘digiteer’ truly Future Ready deliverables and make building smarter, greener and better connected, particularly through integrating green technologies with environmental priorities, utilising AI, data interpretation, digital solutions and ESG investment to unlock a smart, decarbonised and sustainable future for Hong Kong’s long-term development.