The Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW) is an annual public campaign co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). With the theme of “Move Forward with Green Building. Next Station: Carbon Neutrality.”, the 2024 campaign aims to inspire the public to delve into the realm of innovative green building technologies and foster a deeper appreciation for local green buildings with the idea of "Green Building Express". By embracing the knowledge of green building, we can unite in our collective efforts towards the next station: carbon neutrality.


Four Green Building Powers

To further enhance the public’s recognition of how green buildings benefit humans and the environment, this year’s Hong Kong Green Building Week focuses on four Green Building Powers, including Health and Well-being, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness and Innovative Elements, and offers a diverse line-up of public activities.

The “Biz-Green Dress Day” will be launched on 5 September (Thursday) to encourage the business community to adopt a greener workplace and explore how they can utilise green building features.
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How to be Biz-Green?

•    No tie, and open necked shirt
•    Thinner outfits with breathable fabrics
•    Fewer layers 
•    Professional yet stylish

4-Colour Biz-Green Outfits Social Media Challenge

Companies and organisations are invited to join us in supporting Biz-Green Dress Day 2024 on 5 September 2024. As part of this initiative, we encourage participation in the “4-Colour Biz-Green Outfits Social Media Challenge” (「輕.型」四色穿搭挑戰) from 22 August to 5 September. This challenge aims to showcase on social media the 4-clouor Biz-Green outfits, promoting comfort and reducing air-conditioning energy consumption. By taking part in this challenge, we collectively contribute towards reducing carbon emissions in our daily lives.

To participate, please:
•    Recruit your colleagues to demonstrate at least one of the 4 colours in a group photo in Biz-green outfits and/or with props and/or graphic design
•    Upload the photos to your company's social media platform(s) – LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, you are welcomed to join on more than one platform
•    Add required text, tags and hashtags (Check it out HERE

To stand out from the crowd, you can:
•    Match the four colours of the theme to show the characteristics of the four green building powers
•    Demonstrate innovative design and/or features of the outfits to gain extra marks
•    Shoot and upload various types of individual and group photos to increase variety and uniqueness
•    Use different interesting hand gestures or props for more lively and eye-catching photos
•    Show as much passion as possible in your photos and posts to inspire the social community

Be Biz-Green and Win the Awards 

Three Awards have been introduced to recognise the business community’s efforts to promote environmental friendliness and decarbonisation, namely the “Biz-Green Style Award”, “Most Popular Award” and “Most Engaged Award”. All winners will be awarded with digital certificates. Photos of the awarded companies will also be featured in our Biz-Green Dress Day 2023 Highlight Video. Join the challenge now and make a significant impact in driving behavioural change!

There will be more upcoming events of HKGBW 2024, let's join together!






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Hong Kong Green Building Week is fully funded by the Construction Industry Council