Nowadays, how we take care of our schools sends a tangible signal of our willingness to provide a strong education to our students. Schools, as education premises deserve enhancements in their environment, such as lighting and ventilation, material usage and energy efficiency, etc. so as to create a sustainable environment in nurturing our next generation.

To this end, BEAM Plus Existing Schools Version 1.0 (ES V1.0), a rating tool tailor-made for schools in Hong Kong is developed for certifying schools’ sustainability performance and exert such positive influences. It emphasises schools’ top management commitment, adopts the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ approach to continual improvement, and most importantly, drives behavioural change through education.

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Existing primary and secondary schools are eligible to participate. The assessment scope of this scheme cover mainly the management, operation and maintenance of the school, as well as its education, health and wellbeing performance.

Therefore, it is essential for an Applicant to have at least one school calendar year’s operational data before the school can be registered for assessment.

Two-book System

The BEAM Plus Existing Schools Version 1.0 adopts a two-book system, which the Technical Guidebook is developed together with the BEAM Plus Existing Schools Assessment Manual. The two books, with an aim to facilitate the Applicant throughout the certification process, as outlined below:

Assessment Manual: The Assessment Manual sets out the overall assessment framework, design intention, assessment criteria and submittal requirement of each credit head; and provide additional reference as extended reading materials for the user, marking this Manual a green building reference book for existing schools.

Technical Guidebook: Provide further interpretation of the assessment requirement for each credit head; Illustrate with step-by-step calculation examples; and Provide calculation and document templates as reference.

Benefits of Certification

By participating in BEAM Plus Existing Schools assessment, you can:
Transform your school into a greener and healthier place to learn and to inspire, and get a third-party recognition;
Promote behavioural change and increase awareness of sustainability issues among stakeholders including teachers, students, and even their family members;
Support Hong Kong to achieve its carbon neutrality target by 2050

Existing Schools – Assessment Criteria

The assessment framework of BEAM Plus Existing Schools comprises five performance categories in assessing the all-round environmental performance of an existing school, including education, leadership, efficient use of resources, indoor environment, wellbeing and innovations.

The Five Performance Categories include the following:

Performance Category Description

Sustainable Leadership and Learning (SLL)
High Level Commitment
Environmental Learning

Efficient Use of Resources (EUR)
Decarbonisation Actions
Benchmarking and Disclosure

Sustainable Campus Environment (SCE)
Neighbourhood Integration
Climate resilience

Health, Comfort & Happiness (HCH)
Healthy Indoor Environment
Healthy living
Health Protection

Innovations and Additions (IA)
Innovations and Additions

The submission checklist is a one-stop checklist for the users to provide the school’s information and to calculate credit point achievement. It also serves as a document checklist to guide users in the preparation of submissions. The final grade awarded to a school is subject to the following score requirement:

Rating Sample Certificate BEAM Plus Certification Plaque


Remarks: “Unclassified” rating would be given to a school if its Overall Score has not reached 50 points.

Outstanding Performance:

In addition to the Green rating, outstanding performance in specific categories will be granted if the scores under those categories are at 70% or above.

Validity Period of Ratings

Certificate is valid for a period of five years. Certificate holders are encouraged to undertake re-assessment once every five years in order to maintain the certification status valid. A substantial registration fee discount is given to Applicants who register for renewal before the expiry of current certificate.

Features of BEAM Plus Existing Schools

The assessment criteria are specifically developed for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong with a view to ensuring their relevancy and practicability.

A handy yet precise tool to assess the sustainability performance of schools. Unlike the rating tools for other mega-size buildings, this tool is much easier to use.

Promoting behavioural change and increasing the awareness of sustainability issues among stakeholders.